Wendy Y

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All of these photos and videos are a byproduct of a Tinder fling during the summer of 2016.

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hawaii girl

I don’t think I see this picture in the gallery, I have a bunch of nonnude photos as well.


Here’s a google drive link for misc other stuff from rollupthagrass (guy in the video)

ball so hard muthafuckas wanna fine me

I was the original submitter of this post. I actually posted the now dead link below, it was just all of the YouTube videos of Wendy or included Wendy along with some of the other conquests that rollupthagrass had. The guy that made these videos of her was posting a ton of content he made with Wendy (and other girls), it apparently caught back up to him because everything he did is gone. I started this thread at the same time he was posting on 4chan and he saw it and started posting pictures he never posted before, I also… Read more »

p sure she underaage bro