We Buy Content!

Reminder that you can earn money by submitting content by one of three ways.

Submit a post(s) and earn €1 per 2,000 views.
Sell a collection of non-oc sets.
Sell high quality Original Content


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Can non-oc sets be used to join the private gallery?

not sure the Bitconnect logo is the best choice to represent anything legit :p
thanks for offering this, cool stuff

€1 per 2,000 views is a fucking scam. Average views per post is like 6k? 10k if its a popular one. That’s €5 max per submission LOL

what happened to the requests board?

this site is about to go down – guaranteed. law enforcement aint fucking around

Admin, please upload the gallery of that hot slut annika (gallery named “UK cheerleader) again, you can find it nowhere on the webz and she’s so fucking hot