Privacy Policy

LSC respects your privacy.

It is our policy to minimize the information we collect on our users. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and otherwise make use of personal information. We have outlined our privacy policy below.

When a user leaves a rating on a post or comment
We utilize Rating Widget to handle post ratings, you can read their privacy policy here. LSC itself does not store any server side information when a user rates a post or comment.

When a user uses our comment or submission form.
LSC does not log any information on the user when leaving a comment or submitting a post.

When a user downloads a gallery from our site.
LSC logs the users hashed IP address when downloading a gallery, this information is deleted every minute. We log this information to prevent abuse of our bandwidth.
Occasionally LSC utilizes for larger downloads, you can read their privacy policy here

Using our Request Board
A hashed IP address is stored when posting to prevent abuse and spam. This information is deleted every 6 hours.

How we use your information

We collect this information to improve the quality of our website. The information we collect is minimal and is never shared with anyone.