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Kae this wanna be model is a total slut, every boyfriend she has had she cheats on them with at least two guys. Countless times has her pics gone around. Wont be the first or last time this hoe gets expossed

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You monogamists are funny people. Instead of letting your woman go and do what humans were designed to do (explore sex and have multiple partners), which also paves the way for you to have multiple partners, you double down on this monogamy bullshit and end up a bitter crybaby. This woman is perfect. She’s got a great body built for fucking. Let her fuck….you, the guy at the coffee shop, the preacher’s son…….whoever she desires. And you go do the same. I swear some of you need to grow some balls and realize some pretty woman isn’t the last person… Read more »

Look like she need to hit the gym if she want to model

all the hoes dropbox link?

there is a rumor that her dad had a piece of that

Is the members section worth it??

so many repeats

What does DIF stand for?