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Any videos?

oh, damn, looks barely legal!

Maybe it’s because I fuck my girlfriend a lot and masturbate too much but I’ve become a bit desensitized to women like this. Great bodies with B or small C cup breasts, usually a nice toned ass, and rarely have thick or long nipples. Usually quarter to half dollar sized areola and tiny nipples that don’t stick out much when erect. They all look the same, except for their faces. Every once in a while I see a chick on here with saggier breasts and the occasional long or thick nipples. Perhaps I like amateur porn too much with women… Read more »

Need more of this girl!!!! Who is she

Last name? Rhymes with or sumnnn

Social media?

Damnnn i want her booty bent over amd in my face

Damn, I feel bad for her these dont even look like they were sent for someone all of this was taken in a Day(just by looking at her Nail Colors) and it looks like she just took this for fun. Unlucky tho sorry to her๐Ÿ˜‚

I’m pretty sure she was scammed into sending those by someone pretending to be a modeling agency. I follow her on instagram and she has been pursuing a modeling career lately, but hey, whoever scammed her, thank you.

Think the set is missing this one? Give me prem???
Also does anyone else go through and put these in order by outfit and when they were taken or am I neurotic?


Here’s a few more not in that set…some selfies


one more selfie and some posing and candids

Legal-Teen-2939 (1).jpg

all the hoes dropbox ?

Guess I screwed up posting the last ones before, but they’re the best, so I’ll try again, for the common good ๐Ÿ™‚ Obviously, some of these are chopped, but I can’t find the full ones…count on the collective to help recover what we need…


She looks like she could be the sister of Nickelback’s singer Chad Kroeger, lol.

HEY dickheads!! she’s 17 so fuck off and oh yeah she’s already contacted the police a bunch so watch out. go find some other girl and stop harassing a minor it’s fucking creepy

Is she still on Instagram?

New instagram page?